About Us

Our granite and stone manufacturing company was established in May 2006. Since then, we have firmly established ourselves on the market and have developed the collaboration with construction companies and trading companies, as well as with industrial companies from different verticals. Today, our company employs more than 100 subject-matter specialists, who are able to perform any task with high-quality result. Thanks to the modern equipment and rapid capacity growth, the company is able to produce more than 8 thousand square meters of products per month. Along with this, we offer our clients the following advantages of working with us:

  • safe and timely delivery of the orders by the means of road and rail;
  • the possibility to issue orders for export;
  • guarantee of the fulfillment of the assigned task within the agreed period;
  • quality of products.

We are working with different types of stone, which allows us to serve a wide range of customers. The range of our products includes such goods as various pavers, curb stone, polished slabs for lining of buildings and so on.