Full-sawn cobblestone

Full-sawn cobblestone is manufactured from granite.
The outer surface of the material is heat-treated and has roughness. This kind of cobblestone is used in landscape design, as well as in the construction of roads for vehicles, paving of pathways, streets and avenues.
Such type of stone tiles is resistant to mechanical loads, humidity, temperature differences and various destructive exposure. Fitting of the material is done with small gaps between the tiles. This ensures even and smooth surface of the coating created. This material is used to cover both small courtyards and large areas.

Paving slabs

Paving slabs- building material that is manufactured of natural granite. Slabs are used in the construction of vehicle parks, town squares, pathways and front-sites of architectural structures.
Paving slabs are also used to create park paths and riverfronts, metro outdoor pavilions. Additionally, the arrangement of the shopping mall territories, memorials and similar facilities are being carried out with the help of this material. Slabs are able to withstand mechanical loads, moisture and temperature differences very well. In addition, they can be reused in case of dismantlement.


Curb (kerb) from granite is intended for delineation of roads. Using this materials the borders of sidewalks and carriageways are marked. Furthermore, curb is used to arrange lawns, flower-beds and garden areas, community areas and other similar territories and areas. Curbs made of granite are also used for protection of the soil from being washed out. By means of a curbstone certain sections of drainage are strengthened. The curb stone allows to direct the drainage streams straight into the water sewerages. In addition, construction materials are used to strengthen the roadway. It withstands large mechanical and temperature loads,moisture exposure and other atmospheric conditions.

Chopped-sawn paving stone

The chopped-sawn paving stone is designed for the construction of patios and garden paths. Also with the help of this material blind areas and sites near various architectural structures are formed. Chopped-sawn paving stone is made of natural granite. This ensures its high durability and robustness. In addition, the tiles described are characterized by high frost resistance and barely absorb moisture. Due to the specified properties this kind of paving stone is often used for paving large open areas.

Polished plate

Polished plates made of natural granite are intended for the following:

  • Lining of architectural structures fasades;
  • Paving of pathways, open areas near residential buildings, shopping centers, hotels and other facilities.

Polished granite plates are characterized by a mirror shine, as well as a distinct pattern. The material is resistant to mechanical loads, precipitation, temperature differences. Plates can be used in different climatic conditions. A rich color scheme allows you to choose the material for a variety of design solutions to become a reality.